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Generic replies to buyer requests

So this is like the third time using the buyers request to find sellers. I posted a request for someone to add my companies information is different websites so that other businesses will easily find and authenticate my business. The trick was that who ever would read my request up to the end, they should add the word “blueberry” anywhere in their response or offer. Out of about 20 offers only 3 people actually added the word, the rest were just. Hi sir/good buyer I have read and fully understood and can do it… Soon you will find the forum filled with people saying they have sent many offers in the buyers request but don’t get orders.


Some good sellers would find it offensive that you choose to test them like that. Then again, they wouldn’t send a template response; they wouldn’t send an offer at all. Just something to think about when posting a request. :slight_smile: Other than that, I agree, many buyers complain that they get tons of copypasta offers that sometimes don’t even make sense, and barely any responses from sellers who have actually read what they need.


It’s frustrating how many sellers don’t put care into it and choose quantity over quality, copy/paste over tailoring. I’m sorry you had to deal with that. No wonder Fiverr has such a bad reputation.


@catwriter @humanissocial What I realized is that when a seller responds to a request, fiverr sends out a notification to the buyer. This notification usually has a link of the first person who responded to the request. Could this be the reason why most sellers are in a hurry to respond to requests without reading the request itself?


Good question and great insight. Maybe! I think their main goal is visibility and they feel the buyers are in a rush and want the work done right now.

Honestly the ones who copy/paste probably don’t even know about the first notification you mention because they aren’t legit or thoughtful enough to get those BRs. Unless they’ve purchased something via BR or gotten a tip, I’m not sure how they would know.

Crazy that one of the sellers I messaged just told me. Thank you for increasing my response time. So some of them are also looking for people to help boost their response time.

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They really need to stop trying to find ways to artificially inflate their numbers and spend more time building a better business…

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I din’t know it sends that notification with the link to the first response. I also thought the last (most recent) offer is shown at the top of the list to the buyer. I think a more likely reason is they send template responses is either:

  1. They want to save time and effort typing responses, especially if they think the request is similar enough to their template (mostly they can’t be bothered typing specific messages), or
  2. For unleveled sellers, some requests can disappear very quickly from the buyer requests screen so they may have a very limited amount of time to type their offer. If the offer is gone by the time they finish writing (eg. 10 offers (or the whatever the max is) have been sent from level 0 sellers) I think it gives an error and when the page is refreshed the request is no longer there.

I would have thought they would want the response time to decrease.,

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If you like I can commend a seller I have used for years who does that service.
Forum PM me for the name.

You forgot to add “blueberry”, Eoin. :wink:


Well, great, quod erat demonstrandum. Then we know that wasn’t just Cat’s opinion now but is a fact.


It is considered poor taste to do this, tbh. And in my experience, it simply doesn’t work.

The entire situation stems from !!!1respond to 10 requests a day!!1!!! advice that gets spammed around the forum. Messaging people individually and having a short discussion is the only thing that works for me well enough. It’s time-consuming but if you’re interested in getting the job done, that’s the only way.


And I knew because I’ve seen some good sellers saying that they find it offensive, and never respond to such requests. :slight_smile:


Many of those will be posting on the forum soon, complaining about being depressed because nobody replied to their responses.


Just a matter of time! Mystified about why it isn’t working, no doubt, and blaming Fiverr for it.

hm… its a fact at the time now.

ADDITIONAL. How likely is it that generic or same replies to all request affect your account? I have seen messages that get flagged as spam. I think that fiverr does this when either the recipient flags the message or when you send similar messages to different individuals. So if you continuously send the same template offer will your message be flagged.

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I think it has more to do with my explanation in this thread.

I hate to keep using this word but “Seriously?”

I signed up for this website and then I went to do a little bit of digging. I have NO expectations on what I will find.

But on YouTube, I watched a few vids and mostly read some comments about Fiverr.

What you just described sounds quite possible.

Probably the reason even, I had an experience, earlier, of someone not seeming to read my post. But they’re quick to act, aren’t they?

Hm. I guess this website is a numbers game. They’re not too concerned about pissing users off. I just feel bad for the newbies; the ones who have never done websites like this before.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’m just feeling my way around.