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Generic Spam Offers

This is a long term problem, and people have posted about it before as well; sellers send you random, unrelated, generic offers. Even if you write
You still get bombarded with spam messages like:
Good day dear buyer, I am a professional website designer with years of experience… I have gone through your request and it is well understood… Your project is what I can do perfectly as I have completed similar job without complaints… I will be glad if we could work together and you won’t regret working with me… Kindly contact me and let’s get the job done quickly

Now this is a generic message, but still I ask what similar projects have you completed? The response is:
Thank you for reaching out to me
Do you have a reference website
And it goes on like that, getting nowhere.

Then there are others, to whom I say:
You have just sent a generic message, which has nothing to do with what I posted. Please check what I posted and provide a specific proposal.
What do I get back?
11 Feb: Hi
11 Feb: Thanks for contact me
12 Feb: Hi sir
12 Feb: How can I help you with this
13 Feb: Hello sir
13 Feb: Are you there
95% of people making offers are behaving like that.
This is a serious problem.

My suggestion to Fiverr would be to introduce a star rating system for offers as well, not just for work accepted and done/abandoned.
If people get low ratings for sending spam, then it would be a good deterrent, and we may see some reasonable offers.

On the other hand, there are some sellers, extremely small in number, making reasonable offers after reading and understanding the tasks. They should be also be appreciated by getting good star ratings on making good offers and not wasting others time.


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That’s an interesting thought, but I would just be happy with a flag/report option, for BOTH requests and offers. Or even a ‘reject’ with a verify button.


Until Fiverr devs jump in to solve your problem…

  • You can include something like "Start your bid with SCAMS if you’ve read this request.
  • Go a step further and put that line in an attachment.

Both the rating or flagging system would be useless. I have buyers message me only to ask why I bid higher than their suggested budget (in not so polite way). It will give them yet another tool to hurt honest sellers.

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