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Genuine answer from everyone in Forum : How did you actually promote or Advertise your gig..?


Top rated or newbies… Share your thought so that it might be helpful…to atleast some fiverrers…


To be honest, I haven’t done anything to promote or advertise my gigs at all. Maybe that’s the reason why I’m still level 1. A majority of my orders are from returning customers. I’m happy with the progress so far, but I can’t imagine how posting my gig links in Facebook and/or Twitter would help. I mean my friends list consist of only friends that I’ve either met or talked to. No strangers. As a result I think promoting there wouldn’t be of much help as I know there aren’t going to be any orders from them.


This is how I start:

1.Find something you love doing.

2.Match it with something that people needs. (willing to pay for it)

3.Take a look at the competition, review your quality and the demand of the market.

4. Repeat from (1.) if you have low chance of winning the fight in the market.

OR launch your gig if you think you have great chance to win buyers.

This is how I maintain:

1.Never have negative thoughts about your buyers and your job.

2.Actually “Help” your buyers.

3.Be consistent!

Might not want to take my words too seriously as I am a newbie as well. :slight_smile:


I’m actually same with @aspirin, didnt do much to promote my self but my gigs bloom because I got a niche. :slight_smile:

Try to make a gig that is unique or offer a much greater services for the same price.


The most advertising I did was adding a video to my gig. I think it caused me to rank well in my subcategory and the rest is history. I’ve posted a few times on facebook but I don’t think it really helped. Mainly I’ve built my business from Fiverr’s customers and word-of-mouth referrals from repeat customers.

Oh I was also placed near the top of the front page in my category for a few days. I think that accounts for the spike I saw for two days. But I would mainly say advertise by competing for a good spot in Fiverr’s system and then leverage that to build an existing network of client. Rinse and repeat. Try not to die in the process.


Not much, i thought it is Fiverr job to do that for us…all those google ads?. i might be wrong :expressionless:


I actually tried using a video three times and took them all down. My personality is way too eccentric and I have jazz hands. I can’t make myself look nearly as mystical or mysterious as the other Tarot readers. :confused:

I do advertise myself and I advertise gigs that I have gotten fantastic results from, just because I want to see them succeed. I have a Tarot blog and a page on Facebook. I advertise to my friends, because most of them think what I do is so strange, but when they ‘like’ my page, it shows up on their own Facebooks, which, in turn, their friends list of 500+ people also see. If one of those people are able to see my page and ‘like’ it, it will turn over to another set of 500 people. There’s no HARM to be done by putting in extra work. I’ve even had personal friends sign up on Fiverr just to purchase my gig (of course, after they begged me to do a ‘free reading’. <.<)

I also am part of a freelance group on Facebook, which is how i learned about Fiverr. We do a lot of collecting each other’s gigs and giving each other advice on what to do.


Fiverr does not promote your gig for you they promote fiverr. So if you would like to get gig orders. Promote your self I take 20% of what i make and put it back in for traffic to my gigs 4 week 125 gigs done. Make banners do blog post market your gigs. never depend on others to market for you hope this helps you webcorp online advertiser and marketer


I have not really done any promotion yet, just through fiverr search results. But i try to optimize mine so it comes up higher on searches


Like many I found my niche of what people were looking for. So far, my other gigs have not taken off mostly because few jobs equal few rates on those gigs. At some point I will go back and cross promote from my main gig to the others.

Also I took a tip from the FIverr news letter and sharing the value of my gig when I finish. This has gone along way to the buyer appreciating my gig and commenting accordingly … .That it self has been great promotion.


Reply to @freestyle25: me too! I added a video for my gig, and in a few hours my gig is in the first page on Fiverr and I already got few orders for the first 24 hours after my gig set up. It’s dropped to page 2 now but I still am happyyy :smiley:

I’m sure adding a video will help, as long as you make it whole-hearted, lol :smiley:


I didn’t. I have noticed that my gig has been mentioned in a number of different places for providing good value however, which I love of course!



Reply to @ryangillam: Sounds Cool…