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Genuine Buyer Request Vs Buyer Request Test Scam

I joined Fiverr one year ago and it have been a great stay and experience. But as the sites "Buyer Request " gets popular for source of work some buyers are getting their work done in the name of " Unpaid Test "
My previous encounter was a buyer request where the buyer needed Mobile game App testers, but before sending the offer one needed to download the game and make a review first and send screenshots as proof. In this case i consider this offer was not genuine.
Others buyers will post a piece of work as test and for sure it will get done for free, the seller will do it perfectly not knowing the buyer wanted the work done. This function Can also be misused by a seller who takes order, post it on buyer request and as a test file and the work will be done.
On this I am not saying that there are No Genuine buyers who will give a test file, but my concerns are how can one deal with this Cons?, How can make sure don’t fall into this traps?

  1. Can fiverr have an option where we can view the Buyer history before sending the offer?

No, you can block and report “buyers” after you send them the first message.
Also when you see that some one is asking for samples or work first payment later I suggest to run!

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Whenever I get contacted through my inbox for free samples I make a custom offer for a $5 sample. If they are serious they will purchase that. If not they disappear. :ghost:

When a BR has a request for a free sample, I never apply because I know they are looking for free work. For example. I proofread. If a buyer in BR has everyone who replies to an offer do a small part of their document, they can end up getting their whole document done for free! :scream:


What sellers could do is put a watermark on the samples if possible so they can’t be used. If it’s a document maybe export it as a .pdf or image with a watermark so it can’t be used.

Fiverr could also enable charges for samples/previews where the seller could set a cost for them based on how much work/time was involved, and the difference between that and a normal order would be they that they could be cheaper (eg. $1 to $4 if the seller wanted) and the buyer wouldn’t get to leave a review for the samples.