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Genuine Buyers vs Scammers


I am new here and I have already had 3 people message me. I was really excited that there were not one but three people interested in what I had to offer. As I was talking to them, they were trying to offer me a job. Right away, I knew they were scammers.

I haven’t had an offer yet by anyone who wasn’t a scammer. I am just curious to know how long I will have to wait to get a genuine buyer? Has anyone experienced several messages with scammers?


We all get them, especially newcomers. We can’t tell you how long you will wait for a job since it varies so much.


I got one scam message within the same day I set up my account and first gig. Someone asking me to text them about a job. I guess new accounts are a preferred target for scammers. :smile:


It’s just annoying. I know that it depends on the job, etc. Thanks for your input on this situation! :slight_smile:


Understandable. Thank you for your input :slight_smile: