Genuine Frustration.exe


So I have been working on Fiverr since November of last year. I got a good start where I offered a lot for 5$ and worked my a$$ off. Then I found a few returning customers and did pretty well for a while and got my level 1 badge.
Last month I took a week off for exams and paused all my gigs. I resumed as soon as I got back and it has set me back so much. I was nowhere to be found in the searches. I contacted customer support for 2 of my gigs and they restored it but they are still on page 10 of the keywords search.
I had one gig on 2 or 3rd page and I changed the information in the gig and now it has disappeared from the searches as well. :slight_smile:

I have only gotten 5 star reviews on these gigs, I have never delivered late, my cancellation rate is close to 0. I am confident that I deliver better product than most of the people on page 1. It is because I spend my time now making the quality of it better and learning more about it because I am so hungry to work. I am promoting my gigs regularly and refreshing buyer request page like a maniac.

My question is: Should I continue to work on Fiverr as hard as I am working right now or start an account on say Upwork or other freelancing site. The competition on Fiverr is a lot and I feel like I can offer so much more but I am just wasting my time right now and it frustrates me.


Well, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to hold onto your Fiverr account. While generating other streams of income. I encourage people to never put all your eggs in one basket. If you’re not happy with one platform, work on another just to keep your sanity in check. Also, maybe think about creating your own website separate from the different platforms. To drive traffic, promote and all that :saxophone: jazz.


As nikavoice said, it wouldn’t hurt to join some other sites where you can get more job offers.