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Genuine question - Are there really any good writers on fiverr?


I have only be lucky to have one good writer and that had nothing to do with articles but more so letter writing. This is why I am do cautious to spend anything more than $5. And before anyone says you get what you pay for. I was using writers before fiverr allowed sellers to sell over $5.


Were you having good experiences with writers on Fiverr before they changed the pricing policies? The gigs I have purchased have varied and I was a buyer and seller before the pricing options changed. I found some quality sellers in varied categories at the $5 price point but granted, I sometimes lost five bucks trying out new people. I think it just depends on how much vetting you do.


I bet you get some good responses to your question. Writers are very well represented here in the forum. They all look like great writers to me.

Trolling through the new sellers to find that $5 diamond in the rough takes a lot of digging. Order the same article from ten new sellers and perhaps you find one you would use. But then you’ve found your star. I’m over 300 purchases in with an amazing V.A. I found that way.


I only had one good experience and stopped using her. I think the quality of her work has dropped. She became too busy and this 100% compromises the quality of work because they have deadlines to meet. I could tell there was come copy and paste too. This is why I have now decided to use only pro’s. I have no problem spending $200 for a 5000 word article. I think quality over quantity. As er vetting I don’t really think there is much one can do short of cancelling the job which I hasten to add I have never done.


I don’t think there is any difference between the quality of a $5 article and a $50 article. The only difference is just the extra length of words. Writing 500 words of inferior stuff will always be bad regardless the number of words. I will only order niche writers hence forth as I don’t believe there is a single person on this planet who can write about any topic. So I just ignore the generic ones, but the again the chances of finding a writer for the subject I am looking for is near impossible as Fiverr search function is limited.


My version of vetting has been to just know that I’ll have to sacrifice to find some diamonds in the rough. I don’t often by writing since that’s my own category, but I have purchased artwork, PLR for outside purposes, proofing for extra, etc. I try to get a referral on the forum first since people who stick around the forum tend to use the same sellers repeatedly. (While it’s against the rules to publicly recommend someone outside the My Fiverr Gigs category, it can be done by PM.) I only cancel if I get nothing at all or if the seller lies openly to me, so I do spend five here and there and just chalk it up to a useful vetting.

When I find a gem at $5-50 for a service, it makes up for the money I spend searching. Sometimes my new gems don’t stay forever, so I try to keep finding more. As a seller, I have to change things to go with Fiverr’s changes sometimes, so I know it happens. Going with only Pros is certainly a viable option if you don’t mind it. I like some of the Pro work and I know of 2 I would order from if I needed to. If I don’t know enough about them, though, I worry that I’ll spend a nice Lexus price for a nice Chevy product. It’s always an interesting time. Best of luck!


Well if you have any good gems be sure to let me know :wink: