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Genuinely seeking advice on how to make my gigs more attractive to buyers

Hi guys,
I currently have two gigs in place, one for illustration and the other is in the same category but I am selling a time-lapse video of the drawing.

Here are the gigs:

What improvements can I make to attract buyers to these gigs. Thank you in advance for your response.


“Anything you want” is too vague and not discoverable.

You need to tailor your gigs around who they are for and for what purpose. Research first to make sure there is a demand for what you’re thinking of choosing.


Thank you, I honestly researched what people are clicking and purchasing the most and this title came up, but it’s true I may need to change it. Although I read somewhere that Fiverr doesn’t like changes to gigs and changing your title or description can push you back in the search bar.

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Fiverr would not allow users to change their gigs if they didn’t like it. You can – and should – change or update your gig whenever it needs to be updated. You cannot control where your gig shows up in the automated search results, so why worry about it?

Fiverr does review all gig changes, so your gig could disappear from the search results for a short period of time while the changes are under review, but then it usually returns back to the search system wherever the search system algorithm thinks it should be.


Yes of course, if there is a necessary change, I don’t think there’s a choice, but since changes new to be reviewed and the algorithm bots need to analyse the page again and place in the search again, it seems wiser to avoid changes as much as possible.
There are other ways of making changes, for example; if I have an offer I can place that on my thumbnail rather than in text form. But as you said if a change is required then, obviously it should be done to update the information.

You seem to have an aversion to change, but now is the best time to make necessary changes. Then once you have a really nice gig set up, you can let it marinate and get those sweet views. :wink:

I looked at your first gig link, and I think you need to flesh out your description a little more. One tip that I think is great for anyone is to make your service all about the buyer. Tell them their needs are all right there at your gig.

You have:

Please contact me before you make an order to discuss the details.
I have extensive experience in drawing and have been doing it for years. I will bring you imagination to life. Feel free to provide me with references or a description and we will move from there.

I suggest:

Please contact me before ordering.

See your imagination brought to life! Send a photo or a description, and I will amaze you with a brilliant illustrated version. (X) years of drawing and illustration experience guarantees an expert artisan image of:

  • Your pet
  • Your significant other
  • Your favorite garden plant
  • Whatever you can think of!

Additional services:

  • Adding background to the drawing.
  • Express service

Choose from .jpeg, .png, or .pdf formats.

Let an expert artist colorize your life!

Obviously, you can put whatever you want in there, but you’ve got to really sell yourself, and you want to be sure the focus is on the buyer. Also make sure you have great keywords, and don’t be afraid to use short phrases for keywords. :wink:

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Gigs are also reviewed by Fiverr when new images are added or changed. Any change to a gig – titles, description, images, etc is open for review from Fiverr if they so choose.


Thank you very much for writing up that example and thank you for your time and the effort you’ve placed in the response. I truly appreciate it. I wish the the best of luck with everything. I will take on your advice and make my improvements whilst everything is still new.

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