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German Grammar Test Difficult


Did someone the German Grammat Test?
There were a few questions that could not be answered correctly.

I passed. But only by a score of 6.5 out of 10. But apparently I’m still in the top 10%.

Have you had such experiences with the other tests as well? Have they become much more difficult?

Despite the TOP10, I cannot display this on my profile.

Best Regards, Toni

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The tests are worthless. I can’t speak for the german test, as I know zero german, but what I’ve seen in more technical tests were extremely outdated questions, errors in the test, multiple choice questions with repeated answers, etc.

Adding to that, if you have more than 2 braincells and the basic ability to use google, you can pass them all easily anyway. And they don’t get you clients. So it’s just a waste of time.

When I did the English test a few years back (I can’t recall which one) I got 9.5. I’m not saying that to show off, but because it’s key to the next bit…

… I FAILED on the grammar questions. More to the point, as someone who is native English, who studied English to a high level, who has spent a 25 year career as a writer, editor and commissioner - I disagreed with the grammar questions.

From what I recall there was ambiguity and in my opinion wrong answers.

I’m fallible of course, but I thought the grammar section was flawed.


I have been going to school in Austria for over 10 years and have a 2 in German, but I have failed the test on fiverr several times. In my opinion, the test is not suitable for native speakers because there is a mistake in almost every sentence :frowning: - capitalization is not used correctly etc. In addition, there are always terms like “Vergleichspartikel” - a word that does not really exist in German daily live. I can imagine that as a non-native speaker you might then know such simple terms, because you learned them in schoolbooks etc., but as a native speaker you have never even heard of this word, because you know it anyway. 80% percent of the sentences do not even really make a Therefore, I think, fiverr should be ashamed of such a really poor quality test.