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Germany trip next summer

My husband has always wanted to go overseas - out of the continental U.S. Being a military brat, I got to enjoy overseas life in the Orient - Japan, South Korea, Okinawa,etc. I even lived on Guam for a time. While the husband and kid wanted to see Japan, I had my heart set on somewhere in Europe. I had never been and wanted to go. Needless to say, I wanted to go to Germany.

Why Germany of all places?

Well, I wanted to connect with my dance roots (so to speak) My favorite techno group is from there (Scooter). I have been so in love with H.P. Baxxter since 1996 that I had hoped I would get to see him in concert while on the trip. Unfortunately, while I get to enjoy Germany, his band is playing two days after I arrive and I’ll be in another town at that point with the group. Color me sad. I had high wishes. Maybe I’ll get lucky and come across him before I head out. But, man. it has always been my dream to meet this man in person. I just can’t explain the feeling.

Still, the mere fact that I get to see another part of the world I never thought I’d see makes me ecstatic. I never thought, when I came back to the states, that I would have the opportunity to travel like this again. It may be for a few days but man I cannot wait.

I can’t remember the itinerary fully, but I know we go to Hamburg and Berlin. I have to ask. Since I can’t partake in my greatest adventure of the lifetime (meeting H.P, Michael and the rest of the group), what other great adventures would await us? What do any of my Fiverr friends in Germany recommend?


Oh my, I do not have time to read what you wrote, because I need to get ready to go to a football game out of town. But dear lady I see you are planning a trip to Germany. Wow. Congrats.

I am bookmarking this so I can come back to read your post tomorrow.


I absolutely would adore going to Germany. I would want to book a river cruise down the Danube, and see the Black Forest. And Berlin, what a fascinating place.
I would also want to rent a fast car and drive on an autobahn, being someone who loves to drive fast.

Germany’s autobahns are famous for being among the few public roads in the world without blanket speed limits for cars and motorcycles.

You’re lucky and smart to have chosen such an interesting place to visit.

Montana’s speed limit used to be “reasonable and prudent” for road conditions. So we could drive very fast on the long straight stretches of highway as Montana is sparsely populated.

However, the speed limit is now limited mostly to 70 mph.

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