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Get 2 game high-visual low-poly model for $5

Looking for affordable 3d game models for your game asset but struggling with any of the followig

  • Cant find what you are looking for in the asset store
  • Or the models in question dont either quite meet your requirment
  • Too expensive
  • Has too restrive license terms

Perhaps you are looking for a custom Gig but you still have the following strugles

  • Gig is still rather pricy
  • Having difficulties communicating with the designer the specific need of your model
  • Not sure if the quality of the gig will meet your requirement
  • Getting one model per 2-3 days gig is quite too time consuming

And feel there might be a more balanced arrangement somewhere… look no further my friend in this gig you can get
2 models per order supplemented with concept art that require your approval prior to the actual project implementation that I believe will be the best visual tool we can employ to understand your specific requirement

In the event you are not satisfied I offer you money back grantee, so there is nothing to risk losing :slight_smile: