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Get 40 orders in a day


Supper!! I get finally, 40 orders in a day,

I don’t know, what is the big different of my strategy that make it hapend. what I remember is I just try to combine my keywords based on my gigs.

Any questions, just reply me, then we can discuss your stories.



Well, I would like ANY tips on just keeping my gig on the front page. For some reason I have a great couple of weeks where it sits on page one, then suddenly things are changed and my gig completely disappears off the radius. No amount of editing, tweaking can move it back. This is what makes fiverr a very very frustrating business venture. Its unreliable as a regular income. I don’t know, but a gig that makes 50 sales in two weeks should be above people with zero sales. Just my two cents.

EDIT: And just as I post this, my gig appears on page one again.

VERY thankful…but very confused lol.


25,000+ sales on fiverr ? Umm not convinced… 10,000+ Sales stated on one gig, 224 left feedback, umm think someone is telling porkies :wink:

If you’re getting that many sales you don’t really need any advice but I would say correct all the spelling mistakes :wink:


No 25k sales is accumulation of my stories during I join on fiverr, I have two accounts on fiverr so far, which the first has been suspended, and the current is my new acccount.

Just reply your seller’s message on time, never make your clients angry, then you will get order from your clients again and again, even they will be your natural marketer to tell about your service to their friends.



Reply to @madmoo: as my reply above, 25k across my two accounts, which one of my old account have been suspended, then for the current active account is new, it have been life about one year. so total peroid I join on fiverr is 3 years.



Reply to @madmoo: that was my mistake, I create bulk accounts, then log in using same ip which I use for my main account, then of course it has been detected by admin to remove my main account. since that I was aware never create bulk accounts or your main account will get suspension.