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Get 5 Clickworthy Headlines For Your Fiverr Gigs (Or anything else)

How cool would it be to get more people to click on your offer & buy, even though in the past you’ve had trouble describing your services persuasively?

The headline is the most important copy on your page. It’s the first message your visitor will see, and it has one task: to stop visitors in their tracks.

This is vital! And yet, so many businesses get it wrong.

It’s not your fault. We’re all too close to our own businesses.

It’s so much easier and more effective to pay an outside professional (like me) to write headlines for you.

You get the skills of a specialist with a detached point of view. Someone that sees your offer from the perspective of a professional copywriter, and potential customer.

Headlines Worth 80% Of Your Marketing Budget

"Five times as many people read the headline than do the body copy in a sales message. This means that unless your headline actually helps sell what you’ve got to offer, you’ll have wasted 90 percent of your time, money and energy.

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar." {David Ogilvy — The Original Mad Man & All-Time Best Publicist}

Your headline impacts whether people read the next line — known as the greased chute in copywriting because each line leads them quickly down the page to your “Buy Now” button.

It impacts whether people click on your call to action or not. It affects bounce, engagement, clicks, overall conversion, and even likelihood to return.

In fact, on average, 8 out of 10 people will read your headline…but only 2 of those people will actually continue on to read the copy below.

So, your headline has to do a ton of heavy lifting for you. That said, how much time do you really spend working on your headline?

If you want your copy to be effective — that is, if you want it to help make you money — you need a headline that gets people to click & pay attention to you.

Get A Specialist To Do It For You…

I specialize in writing headlines so you don’t have to waste time & get frustrated. I help time-strapped business owners get more attention to their offers — better, cheaper & faster — than you can do it, even if you think you can do everything better yourself.

Get 5 killer headlines unique to your business for just $5, within 48 hours.

I offer no revisions. You have 5 powerful, persuasive, compelling headlines to test and see which one wins. Testing is the key!

Then, I want you to get back to me through Fiverr and let me know which headline won.

Order another gig. I’ll write your Fiverr gig descriptions too… (

This is perfect for sellers whose first language is not English. I can help you sell more to native English speakers that account for most of the sales.

Exhausted from trying to come up with compelling, persuasive headlines that make people want what you offer?

Why not get this gig instead?

To Your Success,