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Get 500 words of your manuscript proofread and critiqued

I am a freelancer writer and graphic designer specializing right now in visual brand designing such as logo and business card design. I have written college levels essays on multiple subjects such as Greek Mythology, the theories of intelligence, and archaeology subjects.

Order now and I will use my experience proofreading college level essays to proofread your manuscript for any mistakes you have missed. I have given detailed feedback on my fellow students essays and other work and have given feedback on what they did good and what they could improve on.


Although you did not clearly specify that your gig would involve taking part in proofreading students’ academic work, I would like to point out something.

I have come to learn that taking part in academic work such a proofreading college level essays is against Fiverr ToS and it is better to either not do it or to contact CS for further confirmation (if you wanted). Fiverr has a record of all your orders and can track them. But yeah, otherwise, proofreading any other non-academic material is perfectly okay.

Kind regards,

AJ (hanshuber16).

Hello there AJ (hanshuber16),

Thank you for giving me advice on the thing about proofreading academic work. I will be sure to make sure that is clear in my gig.

Although the mentioned proofreading academic work was my experience. I mentioned it to back up my claim that I know how to proofread and give good feedback.

I never meant for it to seem that I will proofread academic work on fiverr, but I guess that is what came off as to be.

Gregory (gregds8)

Nahh, you are good. I got what you meant. :+1: That was just a heads-up from me.

Wishing you the best in your future endeavors.


Best not to use the word “essay” in any of your descriptions. If you type “essay gig denied” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject.