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Lately fiverr only shows the top sellers on the front page when you search for a particular service. These top sellers get on an average 10-15 orders each day and after all they are only human, they will not be able to provide you with the same efficiency while working on 10 other orders besides yours. Hence, my tip is that you take a chance on new sellers for some of them will provide you with top notch services for half the price and with much greater efficiency. For example, I am so grateful to my recent buyer who took a chance on me. Since I barely have orders, I was able to spend over 6 hours a day on his social media account that I was managing and get him more followers than many top sellers couldn’t have. I hope my tip finds the right person and gets some orders running for some lucky amateur seller. Have a good day!
Note: Please do notice my phrasing before you come at me with the “NotAllTopSellers”, I am in awe with the quality of work of so many top sellers but there are also tasks that do not require someone to be a top seller to be good at. I think the range of levels of tasks is the beauty of fiverr but if buyers go for only top rated sellers even for a entry level work, that is when many newbies are discouraged to work. I hope I made my stance clear and if anybody has a conflicting opinion, I understand and you may tell me about it without personally attacking me.


I think you are right.
Everybody think that if they place an order for someone known, he will do the best job ever just because he is older on the platform and they are famous.
I don’t say they don’t do a great job. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be on first places. But a chance should have been given on new sellers that are devoted too. A new seller has more time and low costs like uou said :slight_smile:
But everything depands on each mentality!

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I appreciate the sentiments you have expressed, although I am relatively new on this platform the work experience helps to improve my skills and efficiency. A new learning experience is a way to go and grow. Many thanks to all the clients!

And how do you know this? Do you have access to sales data? Are you monitoring all of the top sellers and their top-selling gigs on a daily basis? How can you possibly know how many average sales all of the “top sellers” are receiving?

Please do not make assumptions like this, and then promote them as truth.

And how do you know this? I know plenty of successful top sellers who can handle dozens of orders every day, and still deliver them to a very high level of quality. Please do not assume that because a seller has a lot of orders they cannot deliver efficient top-quality work. New sellers are not better than veteran or top sellers, just because they have more time on their hands. Top sellers know how to manage their time, and remain professional to all as they do so. That is why they are popular sellers.

Like I said, please do not insinuate that busy sellers cannot provide top-notch services. The entire reason those sellers have all those orders is because they ARE effective sellers who deliver top-notch services. All sellers earn their success by building strong reputations. Busy sellers have built a reputation worthy of those orders. You’re starting at the bottom, so rather than claim that you are better than top sellers (who have lots of orders, and great reputations), perhaps you might spend more time building your own reputation.

New sellers do not deserve orders just because they are new. You are going to have to earn your success, just like the “top sellers” have already worked hard to earn theirs.

Businesses are not built on luck, they are built upon proven skill, effective communication, strong marketing, and a desire to out-compete the competition.


Given that I am literally studying to be a data scientist and specialize in data analysis, I have done my fair share of research. I am friends with multiple top sellers in my day to day life and in addition, when you click on a top seller’s profile, you’ll be able to see their order que and I have seen most of them having over 10 orders. I believe that I phrased my post just about right, starting from saying ‘some’ newbies are more efficient. As for the decrease in efficiency part, it is basic human psychology to get distracted while working on multiple projects at once. Maybe not in some industries like design and animation but when you are a content writer or a social media manager like me, it takes a lot of hustle to keep your head the same way it’d be if you were working on individual projects. You are being too aggressive in a forum that is meant to be open to all freelancers. If you do not like my post, feel free to ignore it but this is uncalled for and I hope you are kinder to your buyers or the sellers that work for you.

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Also to add, there are hundreds of posts int the forum itself explaining how difficult it is for newbies to climb up the ladder here. They don’t get enough work because they don’t have experience, they don’t have experience because they don’t get enough work; it’s a limbo. According to what you said, you are insinuating that people don’t get work because they aren’t efficient. In a saturated market like fiverr, being efficient alone doesn’t mean anything for buyers straight up go for ranking which isn’t the best way to measure somebody’s efficiency and that is what I was trying to discourage here. Please be respectful to people.

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That means that the seller has 10 orders in their queue. There is no indication to you that those ten orders all arrived in one day. Therefore, a seller having 10 orders in their queue does not equate to an average of 10 orders a day – as you suggested earlier.

That’s a wild assumption that has little basis in fact. There is no possible way that you can confirm that just because a seller has a lot of orders, they’re also “less efficient”.

And why do you think that multiple orders means that a seller is “working on all of those orders at once”. Most sellers likely work their way down their order queue, completing one order at a time. That’s pretty efficient if you ask me.

Not at all. I am being honest and telling things as they are. And nowhere have I said or implied anything about you not being open to share your opinion. You shared you opinions, just as I commented upon them with my own input. That sounds like an incredibly open forum to me.

I have said nothing offensive. It is also worth noting that ignoring a comment is the exact opposite of an open and “anyone can share their thoughts” forum. Please do not assume that your opinions are the only comments that matter, and that no one else can disagree with you. Disagreeing with someone does not mean that responsive comments are “uncalled for”.

There are no sellers that work for me. I do all of my own work.

As for kindness, I am blunt and honest – anyone whose been on the forum for an extended period of time knows this, they know me, and they know my style. The only people that take offense at my honesty are those who don’t like the fact that there are other opinions of value beyond their own.


The line between being blunt and thinking too highly of one’s opinion is thin indeed.

Please do not insult me. I am confident in my comments, and there is nothing wrong with that. The world – and the Fiverr freelance community – benefits greatly from those who are confident in their actions, choices and commentary.


He only stated facts.

Giving a rebuttal doesn’t make a person arrogant. You came to illogical conclusions about how things worked and he rebutted. That’s it. If you find that offensive and don’t want to be challenged, I’m not sure why you would write things that are so easily disputed. Perpetuating myths hurts sellers and all he did was prevent that.


As one of the top rated sellers you mention, I was once new like you. And I get the frustration. Having been both new and a TRS, efficiency only gets better with more experience. Work becomes more nuanced. So does communication and ability to manage more orders and still deliver with high expectations. The best advice for any buyer is to go with your gut and try 2-3 buyers with small orders to see which one may be the best for you.


Adding to all what has been said…

@jonbaas, you forgot to mention that there also exists something called “team” :wink: Very important word if, instead of having “… 10-15 orders…”, that TRS seller has 200, 300 or X hundred orders in queue :crazy_face: Let’s hope this is computable for @silverliningsco:wink:

So no, @silverliningsco, not for being a TRS means the seller is an individual, sellers - each and everyone regardless the level - can also be a team. You need to do more research than that you have done up to now… :smirk:


I agree with you, The first page is always full off top sellers, how could the new seller get the chance to get orders.

The same way I or anyone else did when I/we was/were new… :roll_eyes:


@graphicexpert25, a new seller “gets” the same chances the top sellers had when they started as new sellers. Why is the idea of competition, and being a better seller, such a hard concept for so many new sellers to understand?

New sellers do not deserve sales just because they have gigs… they EARN them. Sales are not free, and they don’t appear by magic. If you want to earn sales, learn how to be a better seller than the other sellers you are competing against.


Hence, my tip is that you take a chance on new sellers for some of them will provide you with top notch services for half the price and with much greater efficiency.

There are controversial parts of your post, but I’ll skill past them because they’ve already been addressed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like the overall message you’re trying to get across. There are great sellers out there who offer amazing value for money, and some of them are new.

You sound like one of those sellers. I think it says a lot about your character that you were willing to hustle to get your first order, and to make sure your customer was more than satisfied. Too often we see people rock up on this site and expect to get paid just for creating a Gig.

I think you have a bright future ahead of you on Fiverr.

Congrats on getting your first order. I hope your second is just around the corner.

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We have posts where sellers claim the first page is filled with gigs from new sellers with zero reviews (and that their gigs have been moved to the last page) and then we also have posts (such as the OP) where sellers claim the first page is filled with gigs from top rated sellers.

It goes on and on and on and on…



Not true. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fiverr also gives new sellers a boost at first and they appear on the first pages even though there are those sellers who have complained that only the better selling gigs should be on the first page. The fact is everyone wants to be on the first page, but there are only 48 slots there and Fiverr has almost 5000 gigs in book cover design alone! :wink:

I just checked, and of the 48 gigs promoted on the first page in book covers, 12 of them have no level. That is 25%. On the other hand, there are only 2 or 4% of the TRS sellers featured on the first page. Upon closer inspection, I see there are 24 level 2 sellers, which is 50 % of the gigs on that page. There are 8 Level One sellers, which is17 %. Last, of all, I counted the Pro Sellers and found there were 42 of them, which makes 4%. Of course, every time the page is refreshed these stats will change. :thinking:

However, the new seller boost only lasts a month. I spent that month tweaking my gigs to make them as perfect as I could. It took me 45 days to get my first order, and I think I earned and have maintained Level 2 status since January of 2018. Success on Fiverr does not come quickly or easily. When I first started on Fiverr, I proofread for $5 what I now charge $15. However, during the time from then until now, I learned much about improving my craft and working with clients. :slightly_smiling_face:

@silverliningsco, If you hang around the Forum for very long, you will learn that @jonbaas, does speak honestly and says it as he sees it. I do not always agree with how he words his advice, but I have noticed that many new Forum members who have come here to complain about lack of sales or something being unfair have found his recommendations to be too blunt for them and have been offended. :scream:

However, I have also noted that many of them have come back and thanked him for giving them the very advise that had affronted them earlier. :wink:

Oh my, I did not plan to be so long-winded. :blush:


As a new Buyer I find this topic very interesting. Exactly this could happen. But your fear is that you might be losing your time working with the new seller. It makes me think the wise thing to do is if you have an easy task or one that’s not overly technical work with the new seller. If it’s a highly sensitive task then maybe it’s better to look for one with most experience.