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Get a Buyers?

Hello guys, I’m new here. I do not know how to get my first customer. I think my work is good. please give me suggestions. only a few visitors and no orders.

Hi ahmad,
You already asked this and I answered you. Why start another thread about it?

Your gig description is:
I’m a professional designer in photoshop. I can change your portrai into oil painting style”

You might get a sale if instead of asking the same question every day here you worked on the gig description.

I always work every day. but nothing happen

HOW are you working every day? What are you doing to benefit and improve your gigs? Are you promoting your gigs anywhere online? Are you treating your gigs like a business? Sitting back and expecting the orders to roll in on their own is NOT working hard. Take responsibility for your success. Do something productive and MAKE that success a reality.

I think your work itself is perfectly fine, I will work on the description though.
Also, there are lots of gigs here who offer oil-painting style portraits, pencil sketch
style portraits, and cartoon style portraits. It might be a little hard to stand out in that
category unless you can come up with a different unique style.

I have done all. it’s just very boring. although I am very like to my skills. I want to make people satisfied with my work. not satisfied for self. but thanks for you

thanks for inspiration

Based upon your questions, and the lack of sales on your gigs, you haven’t “done it all”. Work can be boring sometimes, yes, but it is necessary for success.

It sounds like you just want to complain. You have control over the success of your gigs, Ahmad. Don’t expect Fiverr to promote your work for you.

I never complain. I just want somebody to give me suggestion because I’m new here. fiverr is one of my choice.