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Get a FREE $20 Credit to use with Uber (Car Service) - a FREE taxi

its pretty much FREE money- I will give you an UBER account credited with $20- enough for a up to free 30 minute ride!

UBER is a car service that makes getting a taxi simple- you can get the app and simply push a button to order a driver. $20 credit is alot- you can usually go somewhere 30 minutes for about $20. No tips or anything- all payment is done through the app. I will give you an account that has $20 already credited too it! Just change the email to yours when you get it and your good to go!

Now Uber blocks accounts if they are used in multiple mobiles, or one mobile uses multiple uber accounts to operate, then all accounts will be blocked.
I can add rides directly to your Uber account. Add 2 uber free ride to your account
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