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Get a free logo!


Hi Guys,

Want a free logo for your fiverr account? I will be providing 6 for free in this post in order to build up a portfolio and see if I am good enough to be a logo designer on fiverr. Just reply to this thread or message me with your details you need on the logo! Anything I produce for this thread you can pass on and use for your own company, you just cannot sell it.



I need a free logo. How can you help me?


Shoot me a message of your requirements and I will post the finished piece here :slight_smile:


I am looking for a logo. I have gone through 3 sellers so far. I am getting frustrated. The first one didn’t pay attention to my requirements and gave me a random logo…then redesigned and was a little better but still not to the requirements I wanted. No communication. Second seller canceled the gig because he couldn’t do it on time. I now have it with a 3rd seller and I have not seen it yet.


Reply to @lblbeliefs: I completely understand. I tried several sellers for a logo design, and none were up to my standards, so I ended up designing it myself. Can’t hurt to take him up on his free offer though. Good luck to you all. :slight_smile: