Get a Job



I am new here and i can’t get job.

I am web designer and developer please help me anyone



…and still I see 14 of the same gigs.

I’m sorry, but didn’t you ask for help/advice?

I’m quite surprised that you haven’t made any changes.


It will take some time for you to get orders.

Also remove the identical gigs and use proper tags, title and description.


Like kjblynx said, it’s against the rules to have the same multiple gigs.

Now you have 14 of the same gigs, I believe you should fix that…


Why do you have 8 of the same gigs?

Are the gig descriptions your original ones?

If you are going to ask for help here, you should try being a bit more specific and be clear on what kind of help you are hoping to get. A simple “help me” tends to be ignored.


I have 8 of the same gig

This description is mine.