Get a personalized video from Harry Potter!


Two years ago, I made a video for my friends as the Boy Who Lived. They loved it, so I kept making Harry Potter videos for them and for myself. Early this January I discovered Fiverr and I, not having much else to offer, posted my Harry Potter gig and received way more buyers than I had expected. In reality, I am a poor, American, eighteen-year-old girl trying to pay my way through college, so the money I get from Fiverr helps me pay for my tuition.

For $5, I will become Harry Potter and say whatever you want in a video. Just give me a script, or have me write one for an extra $5, and I will do the rest. I am a huge HP fan, so I tend to add my own magical spin by adding character references, wand waving, and sometimes even a prop like the sorting hat or a box of chocolate frogs. I love doing these gigs. I mean, c’mon, who wouldn’t want to be Harry freaking Potter? He’s awesome.

Have a magical day!