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Get a Quote? 🤔


I have noticed while looking at other seller’s gigs that some of them have under the green “Contact Me” a place that says “Do you have any special requirements?” Then a button that says “Get a Quote.” :open_mouth:

How do they do that? I have never seen it as an option when I have created my gigs?


Selling->gigs “accepting custom orders” option near the top right of the screen I think.


I already have that turned on. However, I do not see it on my gigs? :thinking:

Maybe I need to check it out incognito?


Yes incognito should work. It will not show on yours if’ you’re logged in because you can’t order from yourself.
I see the “Get a quote” option on yours. I also see the “Do you have any special requirements?” on the right hand side when on a gig but not on the profile when you go to the main profile page.


I can see “Get a Quote” on your profile and gigs as well! :+1::grinning:


If people use it, instead of the “Hello, can you …”, you’ll see this (obviously, this was a returning customer, the first time around, they usually write, well, Criteria :wink: ):