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Get a refund


I recently bought a logo design pack that included social media artwork and stationary design but the work is very lazy and nothing like what we need. They also have not completed the work but it has gone past 3 days now due to me being away on holiday.

Is there anyway I can get my money back?


When you place an order it is your responsibility to check the work which you receive and ask for a modification if you feel that this is necessary. You going on holiday and placing an order prior to knowing that you might be unavailable is something you should have thought about before ordering.

The above being the case, if your seller has not fully met your requirements, they may very well have done so without realizing. In fact, any lack of word from you otherwise will have led them to believe that you were satisfied with your design. The best you can do in this case is to contact your seller directly to see if they will be willing to revise your work for you.


Many of the logos are a real joke. Cheap or free clip art.
I find so little worth buying here. When fiverr first started they had some talented folks but lately really a lot worthless.