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front cover must have this photo, with the title “the reformation cannot be over!”


I am having a 35,000 word 70 page microsoft file document published in a book format and I need you to design a front book cover tile with the rapture photo i’m sending you with the title “the reformation cannot be over!” I have send the photo of jesus under a cross I want on the back side of the book cover…with the following words: Dr.

Richard Allinger reinforces the need for the continuation of the
Reformation which started five centuries ago for the following six
reasons cited in his book “The Reformation Cannot Be Over !”:
i. God speaks today.
ii. Theologians make mistakes.
iii. New issues require new thinking.
iv. Scriptures must have priority over confessions.
v. The right of private judgment.
vi. Above all, it is important that we engage in the process of (semper reformada) “always reforming” in the proper spirit and manner.


remember…please…rapture pic on front of book cover and the cross of Christ on the back cover…thank you, dr. Richard allinger
my email address is
do you have a phone no. so I can talk personally with the fiverr staff…I cant find a phone on your website.