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Get an error when downloading gig video. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on internet about it

I ordered a video where they show my message. He sent it as a mp4 download. In the app it wont play the video, it wont download it, wont view it in browser. On the fiverr mobile website AND on my actual desktop i get this error as it trys to open in another window

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below."

Then a bunch of more stuff. It seems the download is not there at all.

Any help?

Please anyone

@brandonpies Have you contacted Support?

Fiverr Customer Support

What are you using to view the MP4 file? XML is basically a document file.

I have the excact same problem with a gig though it’s only a Mp3 file. 2 files to be excact, the first no problem but when i click the other file, I get this Error:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

The specified key does not exist.

message_attachements/58596355/ theholst 09.04.15.mp3



Sometimes fiver has bugs with upload, and when people upload files, other side see file is there, and when he/she download it, it cannot open. I had few of these before. And funny thing, it was mp3 and mp4 files. But buyer reuploaded and everything was ok.

So tell that seller to upload it again or even upload to dropbox

Make sure the .mp3 or .mp4 file prefix is visible. If not then add it. Some players and programs will not recognize files without a visible prefix.


Ask the seller to redeliver it just to make sure that file did not got corrupted.

That’s the thing that annoys me about Fiverr, why on earth they can’t just let you download the actual file type instead of the attachment is beyond me? Every time I download something I have to give it the appropriate file type extension otherwise it just stays as the attachment file and is useless, no wonder ppl that aren’t that computer literate struggle on here, they have no idea what to do once the file is downloaded!

Reply to @r3k0d3d: does that maybe have to do with the settings on your own computer?

Reply to @r3k0d3d: or possibly when the seller saves it on their end, they are choosing to not have the extension on, the save function for many programs has it off be default.

Reply to @sincere18: Nope definitely not at my end, it’s Fiverr, just like with all the other bugs and glitches that plague this site, I mean just the other day I couldn’t even upload a 5MB file to someone, no matter what I did it stalled every time, so I had to wait until whatever “maintenance” Fiverr was doing for it to work, come on, by now seasoned users have figured out it’s not at their end most of the time on here, LOL. Don’t worry Fiverr I still <3 you but seriously get some coders that know what they’re doing? :stuck_out_tongue: