Get an image analysed forensically


Do you need to dig deeper in to a photgraph or image? Perhaps you are a PI and you are stuck looking at an image? Perhaps you want to find if an image has been doctored? No matter what your reason, you can find everything you need here.

I will forensically examine your photograph to check, amongst other things, its authenticity.

To do this i will examine for traces of cloning, block quality, noise anomalies, embedded thumbnail differences, embedded meta data, and embedded geo-tagging data.

You will be provided with the verdict along with a short report explaining why the decision was made.

Why not extend your report for $5?
The extended report will contain the following extras

Images generated during analysis
-Clone detection analysis
-Error level analysis
-Noise analysis
-Embedded thumbnail comparison

Meta date embedded (Where available)
-Make and model of camera
-Software used
-Date of creation
-Date and time of modification
-Many others
Geo-tagging information (Where available)

Need your report quickly? For a extra $5 i can have the report completed and sent to you by email within 24 hours (Usually much faster)


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