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Get an Order, Good--not what you do, Bad

I have poked around, trying to find an answer to a question that is really basic, but I can not find the question or the answer. So I will post it here.

Once you as a seller receive an order from a buyer of one of your gigs, and the requirements are viewed by you the seller–if it is not what you do, what the gig offers, or what ever the reason, does not fit you and or the gig posted–is there a way to not accept the order, with an explanation going to the buyer–and no negative effect on you as the seller with Fiverr. (The length of this run on sentence is truly award winning–sorry)

Cancelling is the only way really.
I have relatively long delivery times partially for this reason. This way when i get orders that deviate from what i have some time to discuss with the buyer. Sometimes i just add a custom extra to the gig and wait to see if they buyer accepts, if not i just ask for mutual cancellation way before the deadline.
As long as the buyer accepts the cancellation there is no negative effect what so ever, the times the buyer just disappears it will have an impact on your cancellation rate but as long as the order is not late i haven’t really noticed any drop in rankings or any negative effect really.

Thank you for that information–that makes perfect sense!