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Get an RSS feed for your gigs!


If you know what RSS feeds are, you’ll know the value of having one for your gigs!

It’s the easiest and most flexible way to advertise your gigs.

Fiverr doesn’t offer these, but I do :slight_smile:

EDIT: delete the gig due to a lack of interest and it being not part of my graphic design core business :slight_smile:


Spent a long time figuring out a hack :slight_smile: didn’t know about it, guess I’ll delete the gig tomorrow hehe


Hmm wait that feed only lists the most recent ones, mine has 'em all :slight_smile:


I agree. Good gig. I use RSS feeds religiously.


Yes, nice.


Thanks guys, the gig is in review briefly because apparantly I couldn’t link to the feedburner example, but it will be back soon :slight_smile: