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Get Auto Order, Cancel to client


I am new at fiverr. I completed one project with satisfaction and got good feedback and 5* rating. Now my problem is, 2 days ago I got a auto order to incomplete profile. Then 2-3 hours later he/she canceled the order and gave me 1* rating. I lose my rating. Now 3.5*. Now can I any action to the client and how can I? Or How can I delete the rating?
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You can not delete the rating. You need to improve more or also need to complete more order or get 5* rating on your each project then after completing 20-30 order with 5* rating then you will get a good rating on your profile.


Thank you so much for sharing this info.


Buyers can cancel orders and still leave 1 star rating for you ONLY if you missed the delivery deadline and order went into “very late” stage.

So are you telling us the whole story? And What do you mean by “auto order”? Do you mean they didn’t submit the requirements and if so why didn’t you reach out to buyer to ask about missing requirements?


He/she place order without contact me. I knocked him for her requirements but no reply. cancel the order.


Did she write at least something in the gig requirements, right? Because they can not submit blank page without requirements at all. Or otherwise the order would be marked as “incomplete” and countdown wouldn’t start.

Did she cancel with customer support or because you missed the delivery deadline?

Look, it’s all about your communication with a buyer, even if they are not responding.
If they didn’t reply to you in time then you should’ve sent them time extension, if they still don’t reply then contact support team and ask for their help.

And aperently you kept it for so long without any actions that the order went into very late stage with few reminders on the way and that’s when buyer able to cancel the order.

However you still can contact support and if buyer really didn’t submit any requirements at all (just a blank page or saying that they will submit it later) and just cancelled the order without communicating with you then customer support will be able to remove their 1 star review.


I will suggest you to complete more order with positive rating. These you will overcome.

I guess your ordered canceled automatically because of you was so late to deliver as I understand from a comment of yours. Normally when you are so late to deliver a gig, you will get this kind of automatic feedback with one star “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!”


Thanks For your reply.


You got a Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

which means the buyer didn’t cancel the order for any other reason than you didn’t deliver on time, and the order went way late.

There would have been a number of things you could have done through the resolution centre and CS to avoid this situation.

Buyers don’t have to ask the seller for permission before they buy - make sure you’ve got mandatory requirements setup for all your gigs to try and avoid this in the future.


Thanks for your important comment.


Dude you could have given him/her a standard delivery if he/she wasn’t replying then he/she could have got back to you if any changes were required. This way you are just throwing away your clients.


nice information by experience fiverr account holder


This is very important to avoid that problem.