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Get Back suspended money withdrawl back

Hi Everybody,
Hope you guys are doing fantastic. My problem is about a client. He reported me and my fiverr suspended my money withdrawal. I was neither properly notified nor I was told about the client. I was not in fact asked that if I have done something wrong. Well, I do not want to go in the discussion that I did the job well done blah, blah blah. Short story my client perfectly managed to get me busy in tons of work.
Now, He is quite happy. What is the next step should I ask fiverr to reconnect with the client or should I ask my client to email fiverr. I am confused how should I contact fiverr now so that I can get my money back.
A bundle of Thanks in advance :rofl:

I think you should contact CS

Without knowing the details I’m not sure we can offer a solution. Why did they suspend your withdrawals? What was the problem?

One day I was about to make a withdrawal and it was all black with an icon contact the CS. When I emailed them I got a reply that a client is unhappy. So, They never guided me towards a specific client. I was advised to make contact to each and everyone so basically I was standing in blind alley.

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in short!
fiverr suspended your account because of unhappy client?
I don’t believe you
mostly. if the account is suspended
it is because

  1. you did not work on the order
  2. your client placed an order but you did not work
  3. you ignore the task

Is there a client who complained to you about something?

They do not suspend an account just because of one client making a complaint usually as far as I know.

I see that you have not gotten a lot of orders so if they have to refund money to one of your clients they must be not allowing you to withdraw money for that reason.

Ask CS what you need to do next to solve this problem.

@hardbearded996 I never ignored my orders. I have completed 11 order yet with impressive rating they are low but that does not mean I am not doing my job. That is why I am confused. All of my orders and perfectly delivered.

I am actually looking to get out from this hectic scenario. One of my client is actually responsible for this. His order was completed a month ago but I am still doing his work. Now, After a month he seems to be pretty happy after I have done a lot of work for him. SHould I ask him to email CS about me?

Why not ask CS about it instead of him?

@misscrystal I have emailed them about the client. But they say you should contact the client and see if you can reach a mutual decision. So, That is why I am concerned should I request my client to email fiverr to say that he s happy?

No. You should ask him if he is happy now. Then take a screenshot of what he says and send it to customer support. Do not open a new ticket to CS, use the same old one.

Ok great. That seems good. I should send a screen shot of message to CS and let’s just hope for the best. Thanks for such decent help @misscrystal.

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You are most welcome. I hope it works out well for you.

I am also hoping for best:grinning:

I am confused how should I contact fiverr now so that I can get my money back

Same thing happened to me "Once a bad buyer was asking me to work him again, I just refused. He contacted CS and they disabled by withdrawal option… This way I was forced to work him and I did. Then I contacted CS. They enabled my withdrawal within minutes.

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I have also faced exact same scenario. He asked me for extra revisions and I did. Then I told him it was enough and he contacted CS. From 30 days I have been busy doing much extra work and revisions for him simple!