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Get bent, Fiverr


After 2+ years of selling on Fiverr, writing multiple explainer guides to show how to use Fiverr successfully, and having finally achieved a full-time, self-employed income, Fiverr has shown me the door.

My gig wasn’t respectful? Seriously? That’s what shut me down?

There isn’t even any point in filing a ticket about this with support - the bologna reason they’re giving is just a blanket excuse for cleaning house and polishing their preferred image.

Thanks, Fiverr! I’ve got about, oh… two weeks to recover my full revenue stream before bills start getting not paid.

(rage quits)



I’m sorry to hear that your gig was removed, although, in all honesty, I do see why Fiverr may have chosen to do so. Perhaps they don’t want Satanic-themed services in their marketplace. They did offer two practical reasons – and those reasons do seem to suggest that your gig theme just wasn’t appropriate to their improving marketplace.

As much as I hate to say this, it is Fiverr’s right to “polish their preferred image” – on their own website. Satanic-themed gigs do strike me as questionable within their promoted site image.

You have an undeniably strong seller reputation (at least that’s what your profile stats show). Perhaps you can parlay that into some new, more site-appropriate gigs. It sucks to have to start over, but this doesn’t have to be the end of your success here on Fiverr.


Hey Dude,
If I remember well, you’ve said not long time ago (few days/weeks) that you were waiting for Fiverr to come and close your Gigs, due to the new policy and stuff… And at that moment I felt sorry for you, because I knew you were right.
It sucks to be working so long and then be told to start again from scratch, is that even wise to do? That’s a decision you and only you can take.
I do feel sorry because your Gig was way interesting IMO.
Lots of good energy for you!


Well, this truly is messed up.


Did they send you a warning first, or hinted in any way that your service was no longer considered appropriate?


No warning, just the notice that you see.

Clearly, Fiverr cares a lot about their sellers.


That doesn’t make sense. You didn’t break any rules.

What’s next? All spellcasters, because someone finds witchcraft offensive? Psychics? And all of it without any prior warning, a new official policy or something?


Mm, yeah - nothing like starting over again and hoping that Fiverr doens’t erase my gig - and the +1.7k positive reviews that came with it - because it rubs somebody the wrong way.

I agree that it’s Fiverr’s prerogative to manage their house as they see fit, but this is severely disappointing for me since I went beyond the terms of service to include my own business policies - which in a way, were stricter than Fiverr’s ToS - and make it clear that I’m striving to work within the law - unlike some readers on Fiverr whom I won’t bother naming.

I’ve got bills to pay and kids to feed. If Fiverr is going to delete gigs without warning, then I can’t afford to make them a pillar of my self-employment.


It makes perfect sense if you’re Fiverr’s editorial review team who wants to maintain a fresh, shiny, and super duper friendly atmosphere for buyers.


If they start down this slope, they best take away every Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc. and so forth gig out there.

@jamesbulls I hate that you have to go through it. You had a deeply original and very niche-specific gig that was adored.

Family friendly shit irks the crap out of me.


It’s hard to say without sounding patronizing but at least you still have your account overall. Is there any way that you could recreate your gig using different imagery? Either this or edit your original gig to get rid of any offensive material?

If I was you, I would create a new gig now using your profile picture as your gig picture. This way, you will get your brand and immediate recognizability back on the marketplace. Aso, I’d create several different gig versions. One love specific tarot reading gig, one financial success related tarot reading gig etc.

I’m really sorry this has happened and I’m really personally appalled. All I can say in the meantime is good luck!


They wouldn’t be the first to start down this slope. Ebay has banned all woo-woo services from the site, and Etsy briefly banned woo-woo (but then brought it back with strings attached).

I thought Fiverr really believed in just letting sellers use their platform as a point-of-sale machine for services that operated within their terms of service, but I suppose I was wrong.

Joke’s on me, I suppose - isn’t it funny that the psychic didn’t see it coming? LoL


The original gig and all the reviews that came with it is G O N E.

I can open another gig, but at this point I’m really reluctant to let Fiverr become a central pillar of my income again.


I’m so, so sorry this happened to you.

You’re one of the few I really respected on here.


This is going to be a really pinchy few weeks while I recover from this, but in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones, time is on my side. I’ll still be doing Tarot long after Fiverr has gone the way of the dodo.


Well, I’d just bite the bullet and create new gigs anyway. At least this way you can possibly reduce future financial problems whilst you start opening up new revenue streams elsewhere.

I find it very odd, however, how you have been singled out over other woo woo sellers. Could someone have complained? There have been a few posts recently from people who seem to be morally upset with some sellers services. - Also, had you just updated your gig? (This last bit could be important).


Dude, do with @cyaxrex is recommending. I know it sucks but like you said, you have kids to feed and a family to look after. Make a new gig as a side project while you work on other things and places. Fiverr is really screwing people over which has me extremely worried myself.


I have no words to describe how I feel here. Really, really shocked.


My gig’s been up for over two years. I edit and update it sometimes every week to tinker with results and see what works. I’m aware that gigs get thrown back into the review pool every time they’re edited, so this surely wasn’t a case of me somehow flying under Fiverr’s radar for +2 years.


Really sorry this happened James. Nothing else I can say right now - It really annoys me when a drastic action like this is taken without any discussion.

Without being disrespectful to new sellers, I could understand it if it was just new gigs or newish sellers who had this kind of thing happen (still not ideal but understandable given the volume) but for someone to tweak a gig that has nearly 2000 reviews with the aim of improving the service, improving the revenue and overall growth - there should be a window for discussion, temporary removal or even a specific request for elements to be removed before the gig being restored.

I feel for you and like the others, I would encourage you to stick with it, try dropping CS a line with a “what can I do differently approach” - you never know, it could be a part you would be prepared to remove. Would love to hear from you in PM if you want to bounce different ideas around or just a second opinion on something you are thinking of.