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Get clients to buy my services

Hi friends,
Am new to this forum, how can improve my gig and get clients to buy my services?

Sellers usually “get clients to buyer [their] services” by marketing and promoting their services to the target customers that need what they have to offer. Have you been researching your target customers, learning how you can solve their unique needs, and convincing them to hire you?

Thanks very much for your advice. How will i search my target customers, is it through social media,or connect my gig to a certain social media or website?

You are going to have to figure out who you wish to sell to, and then find ways to study the needs of those customers. I am not – and cannot – tell you how to connect to YOUR target market. I don’t know who your customers are, or what they need. You are the business person who needs to be willing to research and investigate these things on your own (or hire someone to do it for you).

If you determine that your target customers are on social media, then connect to them there. If you determine that your target customers can be found somewhere else, then connect to them there instead. YOU need to do the market research necessary. There is far more to being a seller here on Fiverr than just tossing up a gig, and expecting to become rich. It doesn’t work that way.

If you’re ready to be in business, you’ll be willing to treat your gigs like the business that they are intended to be. You need to determine your goals, though. I cannot do that for you.

Thanks for your advice. Points taken .