Get customer's email


I will deliver videos series to my customers. those series are uploaded to the google drive and i need customer’s emails to assign access to them. in this case if i request email from buyer, is it TOS violation?

When type @ on the chat, this message is displaying.


Why can’t you deliver using the Fiverr order page and just upload your files?


Yes it absolutely is a terms of service violation.

You can use other methods as offlinehelpers said.

You will be banned from fiverr if you ask for or send your email.

You need to read the terms of service and follow that.


should i upload 9GB for every customer :sweat_smile: :disappointed_relieved:


but when i type @ symbol on chat it will remind me “Providing email, skype or phone is only allowed if it is needed as part of the service” so what does that line means? :persevere:


" Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page. " also I found this line from TOS Basic section. so i need my customer’s mail in according to provide my service. so it should not be TOS violation :thinking::zipper_mouth_face::confounded:


That sounds excessive! :wink::santa:


ungaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :weary:


Just simply upload to your own Google Drive or Dropbox and than send link to your buyer.


Yes, i can do it. but there is a problem. if i provide link like that the buyers can share with anyone they want. but after asking their mail i can make access only for that particular account. so anyone with the link cannot access without logging into access granted mail account. :slightly_smiling_face:


Than there is another method and that one I don’t prefer.

send your email in this way or ask buyer to send mail in this way

hello… at rate gmail dot com


I can use this. but again there is a problem. for any reason buyer ask resolution center to cancel the order they may be review our conversation. on that time if they found like something at gmail dot com they will definitely ban the account.


I already mention that


I still don’t see why you’ve got to send such a large file?

Can’t you make it smaller and send a DropBox link or something else which doesn’t require an email address?


hmmm :slightly_smiling_face::weary:


Have you read this reply


I am providing buyers a course that consist over 100 videos. so i can’t reduce that 9GB amount. yes i can upload it and send the link. but read above messages, i mention why i didn’t like to do that!


Maybe you need to think about offering an alternative service which doesn’t need such a large upload or individual email addresses etc. - this sounds like more bother than it’s worth to be honest…:wink:


Yes i think so. :slightly_smiling_face:


You have two option

  • Upload it in inbox or
  • Send them using Google Drive link or Dropbox

There is another option which I prefer on all. You can Contact Customer Support and tell them your Problem. They will help you.

Also it is also clearly sated that you can share email if it is part of sevice