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Get Fiverr warning without a reason

I get a warning today for improper usage of fiverr. i didn’t broke any rule. I never ask for rating nor ask for money outside fiverr. this is so unfair.

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Can I see the email you received?

In your gig, you state “Provide You Personal Contact info so you can get my help whenever you want apart from Fiverr.” That’s breaking the rules, and you’re lucky you didn’t get banned. You better remove it from your gig(s).


“Provide You Personal Contact info so you can get my help whenever you want apart from Fiverr.”
It is not question of asking for rating or money. You have remove your personal number or email address if you provide in your gig.

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what was that email saying exactly ?

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Everyone who gets the warning says the same. Even I myself:smiley:

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there is always a reason

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They Give me warning Because They Though I bargained user fro rating, Above text is a part of my service, I have to provide support from any medium my buyer likes.
I give one start to my buyer for having bad experience with me, So the want me to give him five star but I say I can’t change. He threatened me for fiverr support. and probably says some lies to them and fiverr support ruin my one year work without crosschecking. As you always know they always side by there buyer. Greedy corp fiverr

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As per Fiverr’s Terms of Service, you can’t provide a service that takes more than 30 days to complete. Offering support for an indefinite time can’t be a part of your service. Also, your buyers can contact you via Fiverr if they need your support, you don’t have to give them your personal contact information.

where is above text in my gig, I reedited my gig one month before and removed any such thing. and they don’t warn me for this for your knowledge

I’m just saying that that kind of text (as well as a service that extends beyond 30 days) can get you in trouble.

Of course, you’re free to ignore whatever I say, I’m not Fiverr staff.

How can one warning ruin your year of work?

No, they don’t. There were many cases when they helped sellers.


many top rated seller leave this platform because there support, helping one or two seller isn’t a great thing . In my case, I didn’t ask to change rating to my buyer that was my buyer’s move and they ban me for it. I can search this forum and show you 100+ post my top rated sellers about how fiverr ruin there work for buyer.

They are going to demote me next month, and I am probably going to be no level seller for two months. And Here I’m preparing for two level seller. what a dream

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According to the Analytics, you need 30 days without ToS violations. You might be a no level seller for one month, not two, unless something else happens (and there are sellers who managed to be successful even as unleveled).

get this message from fiverr:
"We are sorry to say that guilting a buyer will not be allowed and it’s against our Terms of Service "
Check mate! Buyer always win

Checkmate? One message received by one seller means always (as in, in every single case)? :rofl:

If you insist on believing in that, sure…

“I didn’t break any rule.” You either didn’t read the rules or you’re just trying to make yourself look good and get back at Fiverr.

The warn me because buyer want me to give 5 star to him. i gave him 1 because He isn’t helpful and blaming me that I use login details to do something to his website. I served 70+ clients why would I do that to a client website? He ask me to give one and threating to report me. I tell me I’m not blocking you because you can get 15days support for my service. this is the discussion which give me warning