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**get free orders from me**

Buy a Gig from me, and I will give you a code.

And spread the words about my gigs to your friends.

And when your friends buy their gigs from me, Make them share the code I have given you, so that I would offer you a free gig.

:slight_smile: So you are trying to cheat now, I have a questions to you

  1. how many friends I can invite with one code?
  2. there is sellers that making 5 logos for 5$ without any code why?
  3. will you work for free and provide a quality work?
  4. if yes why you do that what is your motivation? because without money you can’t leave and if you are a humane man in the world just don’t take the first 5$ and make it absolutely free because the header you write is get free orders from me.
  5. What is the design for you?


  1. just one.
  2. Because I have more positive and promising reviews than the buyers who make 5 logos for 5$. At the end of the day, its quality which is better than quality.
  3. I wont work for free until you have the code.
  4. My motivation is to get as many buyers as possible in a short period of time, once I do that, I might get more sales than usual which would make it easier for me to get more money.
  5. What design are you talking about may I ask?

    And I am not planning to use this offer, because I have been getting promising results lately and I am happy with it.