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Get good impressions on fiverr gigs but can't take orders?

Hi, My gigs increase impressions and views day by day and i also include gig promotional videos on it .These videos develop and design my own self.but after one month can not receive any order . I am supersized when someone post that he or she place a gig and within five or four days they get order on fiverr. On August 2016 i start working on fiverr on that time i still working hard to make profile on it. but can’t receive any good result i got dis heart ,Right now i join fiverr with new spirit few of my followers want to make money online and i suggest him to join fiverr and with my suggestion and complete help they will get orders and making good money online,but why not i am? can any one help me i also show you my gigs when someone came out and help me through comments
Thanks in Advance


Okay, I think this will be my last post for the night.

let me first start off by saying you should be careful where you post. This kind of post technically should be posted here:
(improve my gig section)
I’m sure someone will be nice and move it for you.

Going to have a look at your gig and see what kind of advice I can offer you.

I had a look at your profile and there are some things you might want to consider changing.

Your profile Description.
It’s not bad, but it’s too long and cluttered with so much stuff.
Don’t start out saying “Hi fiverr”. You shouldn’t be speaking to fiverr like a customer. :wink:
Listing that you have 12 years experience is great! But, I would advise you to remove a lot of the clutter of the million things you can do. List maybe 3-5 skills that you are really good with and that matches up with your gigs.
Give maybe a short reason why your work is unique. What is the reason someone would choose your designs instead of someone elses?

Moving on…
I had a look at your " I Will Design Stunning Menu Cards For Web And Print"
Maybe you can shorten that title down a few words.

I Will Design Stunning Print Ready Menu’s

Looking at the packages, they seem good. You offer unlimited revisions for every package though. I’m not sure that’s going to add value to your packages. It actually might decrease the value. Don’t have your basic package with unlimited revisions as an option. Instead, make only your premium packages have unlimited revisions and the basic package limited. By doing this, it will make the other packages you offer, look more appetizing, and give buyers a reason for purchasing your premiums.

Moving on…
The description isn’t bad. It’s readable and mostly understandable. There is some grammar that could be better. and maybe don’t include the line: “Still Confused?”
Probably not a good idea to ask if your customers are confused. :upside_down_face:

And keywords/tags
Your tags seem good, but.
You might want to change some. If I was looking for a menu to be made for my shop, I would not search for “menu templates” on Fiverr. Change a few of your tags. Also check to see that it’s not good to have your tags long, containing words such as “and” is not good.

Here are a few examples that I might use. I’m not saying these will work but they might improve who is searching for you.

Menu Design
Print Design
Restaurant Menu
Food Menu

Use more simplified terms, as these are what people are more likely to use. Although when you get good at knowing what your customers are searching. Using long-tailed keywords and tags can be very good. Just try to avoid them for now until you start seeing results :slight_smile:

I think what you have is great, your designs look good, your videos are interesting. You just need to polish up your profile and keep making it better. I would also add a few more FAQ’s if you can.

That should get you started :slight_smile:
I advise that you look through the forum for tips, and read as much as you can on any topics that interest you. Read what others are saying and try to put some work into it. Nobody is going to stroll by your next post and type out exactly what you need. Most likely they are going to give you a link and tell you to start reading.

So I hope any of this advice is helpful to you. You don’t have to take my advice, but I do hope you consider it.

I hope you have a great day/night. I’m heading off. Very sleepy. :zzz:


All you need to do is that just give awesome offers on your gigs and as well as make unique Line on the top of the gig!

  1. If there are clicks: the problem on the description and the price.
  2. If you have not clicks only impressions: the problem on the title.

Read these tips in the forum
Are You a New Seller? Not Sure Where to Start? These are the Resources You Need to be Successful on Fiverr [Long] There are so many tips you need

That’s the problem.

In your profile description you describe yourself in first person.
In your Gig description you instead talk of “we” or “our team”.

Two presentations show the logo of a so called “Ethnic Creator Studio” and it’s easy to notice that the logo has been hastily pasted over something else.

In a third video there is the url of another seller.

I have a hard time dealing with people that have a hard time explaining who they actually are.