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Get Income or Not


Is You Experience, The Client go offline without giving us a review and not mark complete for his/her order what should we do if he still offline since 2-3weeks .
My Question is we get our Income from this delivered work or not, its mark as a complete after 3 days


You will get you in come dont’t worry


You might find this useful:


Thanks @qamarshahzad636 :slight_smile:


Thanks @offlinehelpers But I’m Not Talking This .


You can withdraw your funds 14 days after the buyer marks the gig as complete, or after it autocompletes (3 days after you deliver).


welcome :love_letter:


Thanks @offlinehelpers what if when he needs his money back :rofl::grinning:


Why would he need his money back if you’ve delivered? So long as you’ve delivered what was asked for, you’ve done your job.


Yeah , but some buyers are still there they are doing this shame full act :frowning:


Have you encountered this yourself, or are you just repeating stuff you’ve read on here? :wink:


Yeah :yum: i read it here and on Facebook too :upside_down_face:


Don’t believe everything you read - I’ve delivered hundreds of orders and have never been in the situation you’ve described. Guess I must just be lucky. :wink:


You Might be Lucky :star_struck:


I’ve been here five years and only one has ever said she “needed her money back” and I refused and nothing bad happened.


To bad, so sad! You completed the work and you deserve to get paid for it.


You will get your income the moment the order is automatically marked complete.


Worst thing that’s happened to me with this type of buyer is I don’t get a review from them.