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Get infinite orders?

Hello Fiverr community, I am here on fiverr from long time but not getting my gig into stable position where I can get most of the orders, I guess maybe the problem is in my gig, can someone please help me out after viewing my gig? I am doing social media marketing too but it’s not working out for me well. I really need your kind attention towards my profile/gig so that I can keep myself work more for more buyers. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated, looking forward to your positive response. I am regularly updating my GIG as well like Images,Tags and all other things, Thank you!

Click here for my GIG

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Hi @fizzalee

The more specific your niche, the more likely you are to attract orders. “Any kind of graphics” isn’t specific enough. Buyers are searching for specific kinds of graphics: header graphics, logos, post graphics, mechanical engineering, process … all kinds of specific types.

Try again with more focused url, description and tags …

Hope this helps

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There is no such thing as “infinite orders”, nor will there every be.

Your “social media marketing” isn’t work for you because that is not where your customers are located. Where do you think the people who need your services are located? Figure this out, and then you will know where to market your gigs. Spamming your gig links to your friends on social media is NOT marketing.

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You have 672 reviews on this gig and one order in the queue.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! :slightly_smiling_face: