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Get Instagram Power Likes pushing you to the explore page!

Everyone always asks me:

“How do I get to the explore page on Instagram?”

Its simple - Quality posts, The right Hashtags coupled with the right LIKERS - or as I call them, POWER LIKERS!

The way to really gain momentum on Instagram is to use the right hashtags for your niche, reach the top 9 posts for your hashtags on that all important explore page so you can get fresh eyes on your media, build your following, and gain a great audience.

Using power likers can propel your posts to the top - why? It’s all to do with the liker reach (or following),

Everytime someone likes your post they are widening the net of opportunity for you to be seen. But the average joe who likes your post only has a couple of hundred followers - not much power in that reach.

Power likers have large followings from anything from 5000+. For example, one like from 5 powerlikers with an active following of 5k, gives you an achievable reach of 25000 users.
Much better reach than that like you got from Aunty Lilith with only 5 followers (one of which you) right?!

How about hashtags? Should you tag top hashtags like #Monday #Like4Like etc…
well… not really - unless you’re Kim Kardashian (if you are Kim Kardashian call me :slight_smile: )

#Monday has over 23 million posts attached to it. If you think you’re going to get noticed in that noise you can dream on. Total needle in a haystack.

CHOOSE YOUR HASHTAGS WISELY (in every sense of the word)!

Example: Rather than using #Monday, you have a better chance of being noticed using aounr 15 to 30 similar low saturated hashtags like #Mondayfun (around 30k posts), #Mondaymuse (around 27k posts) and #mondaypic (around 13k posts) - you get the picture? (pardon the pun).

So in summary:
Getting likes from sizable Instagram accounts coupled with using good hashtags attached to your niche with an achievable post count WILL gain you FOLLOWERS & LIKES, QUICKLY!

Believe the hype people!

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It is quite helpful for me!!! Thanks!!!