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Get it by tomorrow.........may -23,25

what is this? please describe me who know this?


Where did you see it please? Was it in a gig listing?

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i see all gigs…write are get it by tomorrow…but i dont understand whats indicate for my gigs…??

i also want to know!
what’s this?

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Is this the ‘Express 24 hour delivery’ thing?

Once you’ve delivered a gig in less than 24 hours when you offer 1 day delivery, you’ll see it on your gig.


yes…i also want to know …whats means of get it by tomorrow for all gigs…?

but i have no order…

may be…
but not sure about this feature…

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You need to deliver one order within 24 hours to then get the ‘express 24h delivery’ label, if that’s what we’re talking about, because I’m not all that sure to be honest.


somethings i understand i tend to think its not bad…

I think this is a new feature fiverr is launching for all sellers i guess!

It looks a new feature that might be in split testing. It reminds me of how Amazon products have labels like “Get this by Wednesday!” to make you want to buy it fast and get it quick. It shows up on some gigs based on their delivery times. Example:


Yes, its looking attractive. Buyer can catch now easily with delivery time. But I can some gig is missing this.

yes ,this feature relates to delivery time.