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Get me out of here!

Get me out of here …

The number of time-consuming, pointless messages has really worsened noticeably in the last few weeks.


“you said 49, not 995”
this is terrible !


You have my sympathy. Some people are just stupid.


Sorry, my fault for including that without context:
It ain’t terrible, because actually I said nothing to him. I create 3D animated music videos and offer a small test sample package for $45 (because I get messages all the time for “free samples”), so potential clients can test one scene of their script before proceeding with an actual package for the full version.

  • $45 package to test 20 seconds
  • $595 for full performance videos up to 3 minutes
  • $995 for videos longer than 3 minutes and/or with a complex storyline

I make this pretty clear in the gig video, the price table, the gig description and the FAQ. Obviously this is the type of user who doesn’t like to read descriptions, even though he is a seller with an active gig himself. So, no hidden costs. He didn’t send me any details about his project even though I requested it, so I let him know that I can’t give him a specific price quote but it’ll be between $595 - $995 for either the standard or premium package - depending on his needs. Stated it in a normal, kind and professional message. His answer "F*ck you bro u said $49 (don’t know where the 49 even comes from). That’s it.

Since fiverr shows the lowest package price in the search results saying “starting at $XY” my guess is he just saw the $45 and thought that this is the overall price for everything. Taking 30 seconds of his lifetime to actually read the profile would’ve saved us both time.



The twerk rap song made me laugh