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Get more Buyers by Giving Discounts

Offering discounts on your Gigs can get you more orders in a very short time.

However make sure of these few things:

  1. The buyer understands your Discounts.
  2. The discount offered is substantial.
  3. The discount increases as the number of Gig Order increases.

    Ex. My standard Fiverr Gig is 1 article for $5.

    I offer discount such as Order 5 Gigs and get 1 Article Free.

    However if you place 10 Orders, you get 3 Articles Free.

    The number increases significantly in this manner.

Reply to @ryangillam: 2 years :open_mouth:

I wouldn’t offer discounts to be honest. I still have people asking for a discount I offered 2 years ago! No idea how they found out about it, but yeah…

swappy007 said:

It is partially because I was stupid to begin with and named the offer in my URL. Anybody that sees that URL will notice what I used to do! Still annoying though.

@swappy007 You give discounts on articles for which you usually charge $5 each? Are you suggesting giving someone a $130 purchase (5150 words) for $100 but which you only receive $40? That devalues your gig immensely, IMO. I would wonder how good the articles are, knowing you’re only getting paid less than a third of their value.

I prefer to overdeliver, if anything. The products I sell are worth more than the $5 or $10 I usually charge on Fiverr, but I’m not losing money to sell them. The public feedback from my buyers shows that my extra efforts are appreciated, and many of my customers are repeat buyers.

But this is just my opinion based on my experiences.

I think it depends on what you are offering in your gig whether or not a discount makes sense. I typically offer discounts for bulk orders when it makes sense to do so. I do video testimonials, so to offer a free video is a small sacrifice to make and a way of thanking my buyers for ordering so many videos at once.

But I agree that you need to be clear on what your discount is and how long it’s good for. That way, you don’t find yourself doing a whole bunch of extra work for just $4 profit :wink: