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Get More Done Together: Welcome to the Future of Work


Get More Done Together: Welcome to the Future of Work

Welcome to the future of work.

At the beginning of every year, we at Fiverr have the privilege of looking back and reflecting on all that you, our global community, have accomplished. We’re incredibly impressed with what you can create when you come together and now as we look forward, we want to double down on making every amazing collaboration possible come to life.

The power of these connections—and the relationships you fortify through them—has motivated us to put a new stake in the ground. Today, we’re unveiling our celebration of collaboration, and of the global connections you make at any given moment. So take a look at how we’re bringing our connections concept to the world—to say we’re really excited for you to see it, is an understatement.

And since we’re in a celebratory mood, let us introduce just a few of the people who have made us so proud. We’ve once again recruited real Fiverr community members (like you!) to serve as the face of our brand. Let’s meet some of the innovative rockstars from both sides of the marketplace who embody the power of creative collaboration.

Meet Juliet, who crushes content strategy for Knotel. And while she knows A LOT, she wasn’t totally sure how to get the perfect soundtrack for her company’s newest video. Enter Uni: singer, songwriter, and musician. He loves creating something awesome for his clients through collaboration. And by connecting with video experts on Fiverr, Juliet finds exactly what she’s looking for.

Here’s Kelley, who just co-founded her own company. Like anyone trying to get a business off the ground, Kelley was just struggling with where to begin, what to accomplish first, and what she needed to do to create a roadmap to success. Fiverr Voice Over artist Mandy helps give a voice to her client’s messages. She’s able to articulate company missions for clients in no time at all. And in no time, using Fiverr, Kelley finds a better way to navigate the launch of her business.

This is Aleidy. She’s got big plans for 2019. And she’s looking for a partner to help bring them to life. Darren, a 2D animator on Fiverr, gives life to illustrations for his clients daily. Separately they’re able to pursue their passions, and the connections they’ve made on Fiverr, help them accomplish their goals.

So what we’re really saying with these beautiful portraits of our incredible community is this: you are all so much more than the needs that bring you to our marketplace or the deliverables you provide. Individually, you’re amazing, but together, we’re unstoppable. We are going to celebrate that all year – in every action we take and every story we tell of changing how the world works together.

So, what are your stories of success? What are you proud of? What connections have you made that have empowered you to do more, or reinforced the passion and behind your work? We want to hear from you. We want you to share in our celebration of connections. So comment below, email us, give us a shout on social, hell, throw up a smoke signal. However you prefer to communicate best is how we want to hear your story of connection on Fiverr.

When we combine forces, the possibilities are endless. You’ve already surprised us with everything you’ve accomplished. Now it’s time to surprise yourself. Learn more about what drives our community, and your peers, here.And if you need us, we’ll always be at the intersection of your needs, and getting it done.

How have #FiverrConnections changed how you work? Share your success stories below.



Proud to hear about that :slightly_smiling_face:


A marketing campaign featuring the world’s strangest conjoined twins?


In 2018, my biggest accomplishment on Fiverr was becoming a skilled salesperson through my work as a Fiverr seller. I’d had no sales experience when I opened my Fiverr business, but through a lot of practice here I learned a lot about how to not only increase sales, but make my business sustainable. In 2018 I started regularly getting requests and purchases from buyers here without my having initiated them. This means I spend less time marketing myself to get work and more time actually working.

This sustainability has opened many doors in my personal life, like being able to comfortably help out with family matters and other things, without sacrificing any income. I intended Fiverr to be more of a side hustle, something that would help me through dry patches in my freelancing career, but it’s become a big part of my business plans for 2019. I may even do some travelling across Canada, now that I get regular business on Fiverr. I really cherish the freedom and flexibility I’ve had as a Fiverr seller.


Oh, wow.
Looks great :grin:


I read the blog it was good for the buyers


They always said there’d be a first time for everything.


Hmm. I wonder if someone behind this post (at Fiverr) is a Star Trek fan. :wink:

These images look a lot like the format of the new “Star Trek: Discovery” season 2 posters. In fact, the woman in the first Fiverr image even looks remarkably like Sonequa Martin-Green, the star of the show.



That’s good to hear about :wink:


The idea is awesome and I love the inspiration that these stories provide. And the images look really cool. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

It’s interesting how this intention happens only when we should praise Fiverr. When we have problems it’s the opposite. :slight_smile:


Wow! This is an interesting post. I love the collaboration aspect even among sellers.


Or I can say

Marvel fan(ant man) A little bit prospective


I read the blog it was good for the buyers.Thanks for share:heart_eyes:


It is really a great initiative.


I really like the new campaign, and especially the new colour green used in the logo and branding. Looks a lot more refined and considered as opposed the older brash green colour.


I find these statistics on the scale of fiverr impressive to say the least:

  • 50 MILLION

Projects Completed Since 2010

  • 7,500

Services Created Every Day in 2018


Gigs Posted During 2018


Brand Identities Created in 2018

Fiverr is the premier website and resource for freelancers who get things done for businesses both large and small.

Everyone needs to be aware of exactly what this site is offering and it’s importance.

Sellers need to take their gigs very seriously and realize what this site is offering all of us, which is a unique opportunity to make ourselves successful through our own hard work and talent.


That was a brilliant observation jonbass.


Can someone tell me how it works and how to carry it out?


There’s nothing to do really - it’s an advertising campaign.