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Get more impression

My gig’s impression is not increasing. I want to increase to get more order.

So, I need help to get increase my gig’s impression & to get more & more order.


be active and share your gig in different social networking site which will help you to get more impression and clicks and reviews


This will NOT help him gain more impressions or clicks (clicks and impressions are on-site stats only), but yes, strong, targeted marketing and promoting his services COULD help him gain more reviews – from successfully completed orders.

I really wish people would stop giving advice if they don’t know how Fiverr works. :roll_eyes:


Thank you both for replying me.

Why did you worry about impression? It is not fact. Just do marketing your gig outside of Fiverr. You return everything click, view impression, order.

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Follow some basic things such as

  1. Optimize your Title, description and Tags.
  2. Use Eye catching and purposeful images As thumbnail but don’t make it creepy
  3. Show your best work.
  4. Try to maintain 5 star reviews. Gain some initial orders from your friends family or co-workers.
  5. Share your gig to other social media platform.
  6. Provide grate customer service. make the client feels like they are special and their work is so important for us
  7. Deliver your order faster.
  8. create multiple gig.
  9. Check out and learn from other top level gig
  10. Please choose most demanding niche, do something unique and most important thing is that do something that you real know or expert in it and love to do.

thanks for your valuable reply

No. Don’t try to offer services in the most in-demand category. Use your own advice. Offer services that you love and do well. It does not matter what category that service is in. The moment you try to the play the popularity game with your gig, is the first moment you start to loose sight of the success you set out to achieve.

Fiverr is set up to feature and represent skilled services, not “maybe if I offer something in this popular category, people will like me” gigs.

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