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Get more Oder on Fiverr

We see that some people are getting 2k+ reviews and many sell on fiverr. You can also get many order for your gig by making an unique and valuable gig. I have made an Gig and I regularly get an order. I like Fiverr most. I want to continue it on Fiverr. So everybody plese pray for me to become successful…

Hello rasel3696, If you give 20 adsense clicks as you say in your gig, do they get ten cents per click? So they get $2.00 from adsense and they have spent $5 on your gig. I’m not sure how much people get from each adsense click, maybe more.

There is also the matter of people buying adsense ads who are getting fake clicks and paying for them. I know people don’t think about this who repeatedly click on adsense ads but someone is buying those ads but not getting what they paid for from them.