Get more order for survive


Can Fiverr do something to get more order? From couple of weeks i am not get any msg/order from new client.
I need job for survive.


Your recent delivery was 2 days ago. If you type “how to get orders” in the search bar above you will find lots of helpful posts on the subject. Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Deliver to my old client, not get new order from new client


Try promoting your gigs outside Fiverr. It is the best way to start it again.


You mean Paid marketing …??


Marketing comes in many forms. I recommend that you conduct an internet search for something like, “how to market my business”, and then read the articles that show up. YOU are responsible for gaining new customers. It is not Fiverr’s job to provide you with orders.


Thank you so much…


Paid marketing is just once strategy. But there are lot. Why don’t you try Free marketing methods first such as social media marketing? Do it. Later you can tray paid marketing. Good luck.


yeah, u should promote gig smm