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Get more order without request


How can get more order without any buyer request ?


Marketing and promotion.


you tale me how can do i marketing and promotion please advise me.


Share your gig in social media websites (not one time) .
If you can promote those on some social media website according to your targeted visitors.

And keep in mind that we all are competitor .No one will tell you the hidden tricks .You have to find out .So work hard and get more orders.

Best of luck


i am new in fiverr, how many social media websites how can marketing please give me detail, if don’t mined.


Search in forum “improve gigs” " no order" .You will get many threads … Those will help you.


thanks you for advise


It’s not for us to tell you. For different people it’s different strategies. And what works for me wouldn’t work for you.

You need to find your target audience and promote it where they are.


First you need to study your target customers and learn as much as you can about what they need. Then, research to determine where those target customers are located. Once you know these things, then you know where to go to connect to your target market. Those places are where you market and promote your services. Reach out to your target customers, show them how you can solve their problems, and convince them to hire you.


Hello. Be active more, send buyers requests, always respond really fast if someone contacts you, promote your gigs. Good luck

Maria S.


Promote on various social media. LinkedIn and Facebook should be starter.


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