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Get more orders as a new seller

How can I get my first order so that my journey start

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Check this out

[Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:](http://New Sellers)


Send buyer requests that will help you to get first order. In Sha ALLAH


In Sha Allah , and as a Muslim we should believe on One God that
“A man Gets whatever he strives for”(Al-Quran)
So I understand that your struggle cannot be wasted . God give me success and my Muslim Community in Fiverr


@hamzaabbas786 THANKS. :smiley: . Also give success to other community’s. Cause they also need job. Ameen.


Check your buyer requests, A few other things need work around your gig, like title, description, the packages are almost the same and you need to optimise your tags and description for SEO. Create more GIGS, use Fiverr anywhere, create custom offers, reach out to people, promote yourself. There’s loads of tools at your finger tips for you to use.

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effective tags for logo design???

how to write an effective buyers request as a new seller

@hamzaabbas786 You have to convince them that you are perfect for their project.

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Kindly give me your example template actually I am new I just know how to do my best but not how to best communicate on request

@hamzaabbas786 There is no specific template. I write offer based on buyer request’s description. Btw I also new here, trying to improve.

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I appreciate you if you required any type of help I am available for you just text me dear

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Thank you. :grinning:

Dear can I request for order at this platform?

@hamzaabbas786 No need to request.

ok mam I just confirm it

@hamzaabbas786 okay :smiley:

I have not yet received any buyer requests and am trying to figure out how to improve my changes of success

Fiver recommends to

Browse your subcategory to see what the most common keywords are for your service. Then make sure you add relevant search tags to your Gig.

but I do not see where these keywords appear when looking at others who offer services.
How do I find these keywords?


for buyers request there is a specific time to show. new sellers might face an issue of buyer request but when you promote your gig and increase impression it solved .
give your services provide info. so that i can guide you properly

O Buddy this very useful. Thank You much for these tips. It Will help many more to get their first order…