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Hint: If you really want to have some buyers interested in you, rather than say “yo check out ma’ gigs for graphic work” that is totally unprofessional and boring, you could explain to your potential clients, what services do you offer because graphic design has more ramifications than some photoshop manipulations or logo design, and after that you could let the people know why are you better than the rest (for example because you have great communication skills or vision etc…) If you do advertise your gig in that way don’t expect to have any single interested client by your services. Trust me, I’m in this Graphic and Design field for around 4 years on Fiverr and this is not how the things work around here if you want to start selling. I’m sorry if I did sound hard or rude, this wasn’t my point, all I’m trying to say is next time when you advertise yourself, if you really want some clients, try to be more involved in this thing and let them know how can you solve their problems. Hope it helps!