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Get more works by buyer from me


please help me,
My buyer get more works than what he sent request. I got this order using buyer requirements. I added unlimited revisions. so that he didn’t accept order always and, he give order modification. But his modification is a new product, I worked as hardly. can i get a action for him ?. Please help me


Unfortunately, since you promised your buyer unlimited revisions, you are required to keep providing as many unlimited revisions as he wants. You are going to have to work with your buyer, and find a way to provide what he needs so that he doesn’t need to keep asking for unlimited revisions.

The buyer has not done anything wrong, since YOU promised to keep working for him for as long as he wants. In the future, don’t guarantee unlimited revisions, and you can avoid this issue with your other buyers.


In his message he say the buyer require new product after every new modification. Which is I think we can’t in unlimited revisions. Unlimited Revision mean unlimited change for selected product.



If he offers unlimited revisions, he is required to keep working for the buyer, for as long as the buyer requests additional work revisions. If the buyer is asking for work not provided in the original order, then the seller needs to prove this, and then deny any work for other projects that are not part of the original order.

Regardless of the reasons, it is the seller’s responsibility to resolve the issue.


Ask him to pay you for your time.
Send him offer for extra and this will happen

  1. Either he will decline it
  2. or Either he will accept to pay for your extra offer

Generally it is not recommended to offer unlimited revisions unless the buyer is paying you 5000 US dollars,Yup I would only offer unlimited revisions then!
Hope it helps