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Get my Gig Free : 30 Confirmed directory links for your site/blog to boost SEO/Traffic


Greetings to all Fiverrers. :slight_smile:

The first five members here will get my Gig for free, with one condition:

Once I’ve completed your order, you must post your review/feedback here on the forum.

Here is my Gig:

Please PM me your order information as follows:

  1. Your website/blog URL
  2. Up to 5 variations of website Title (50 characters max.)
  3. Up to 5 variations of Description (200 characters max.)
  4. Keywords (optional)






Reply to @harvisonm:

Thanks. Order info already received via PM, work in progress. :slight_smile:


Taken, thanks for the free offer!


Reply to @buffaloclubusa:

Thanks. Work in progress. :slight_smile:


Two free orders already in progress, three more available - come on people! :slight_smile:


We will send the details. Thanks


Thank you for placing a direct order despite the free offer. :slight_smile:

Order info received, work in progress.




Reply to @kevingrunert:

Thanks. Order info received, work in progress. :slight_smile:


I was the one who started the threat suggesting this idea, may i have it please!

If I like I will give you a tip!


Reply to @mindcandii:

Sure thing :slight_smile: I had also posted on your thread saying: I’ll start a Free Gig Offer thread of my own soon.

Please PM me your order info and we’ll get it started.


All 5 free gigs taken. Thanks all. :slight_smile:

Will offer a few more if anyone is interested.


Reply to @mindcandii:

FYI: Haven’t received your order info on PM yet.


I’m interested, if still available.


I’m interested too,but i want to know if this will work for a gig on fiverr as well.


Reply to @isabelleofume:

Sure thing. :slight_smile: Just PM me your site info as I’ve mentioned above (in my first post of the thread) and I’ll get my gig going for you.


Reply to @sharp_design:

My gig works the best with root domains, but I’d be happy to do it for your Fiverr gig. :slight_smile: